TheAssociazione Flautisti Italiani organizes the first edition of the
International Flute Prize “Jean-Claude Gèrard”
with online selection and the final at the Theatre
of the University of Salerno on 9th August 2019.

The prize is aimed at support the young talents and is open to the flutists of all nationalities, born until 1988.


The jury will be composed by internationally renowned flutists and it will be leaded by M ° Jean-Claude Gèrard. The videos must contain a piece from the Baroque period and a piece from the '900, for flute solo and / or with piano accompaniment. The videos must be integral, the videos with editing will not be admitted, pain of elimination. Also the videos with musical bases will not be allowed.

After the selection, the admitted candidates for the final must hold a public concert on the Falaut Campus playbill. For the final exam, the candidates must play the Allemande and the Sarabande from the Partita in A Minor. BWV 1015 (Falaut Collection edition - rev. Jean-Claude Gèrard, available on the website and a piece of the maximum duration of 10 ', authors out of copyright (dead within 1930) with piano accompaniment.

The organization will provide the accompanist pianists for free, but the candidate can choose to participate with his pianist.

In the result of the final winner will also intervenes the public, that will influence 25% of the final decision, the remaining 75% will remain in favor of the commission, leaded by M ° Jean-Claude Gèrard

For any dispute will be competent the Court of Salerno and the text written in Italian will prevail. The Artistic Direction reserves the right to make changes to this regulation.

The competition is organized into one category:

• Unique Category: for those born until 1988;

The registration fees is fixed to € 60.00, which in no case will be refunded!

In case of any kind of recordings (pictures, films, tv or web recording) of competition, included the final concert, the partecipantshave not rights on that and won’t receive any reward. In fact, with the registration to the competition they allow the free use from the Associazione Flautisti Italiani of their images and recordings. For the minors the authorization must be given from the parents or any person in their stead.


I° Premio

Diploma e Targa

Borsa di studio di € 900

Partecipazione ad un Cd Falaut Collection

Intervista sulla Rivista Falaut

Invito Concerto Falaut Campus 2020

II° Premio

Diploma e Targa

Borsa di studio di € 400

III° Premio

Diploma e Targa

Borsa di studio di € 200

Le domande d’iscrizione dovranno essere complete di:
• dati anagrafici del candidato;
• una foto a colori del candidato;
• fotocopia o scansione della carta d’identità o passaporto;
• programma di esecuzione.
• link youtube al video con l'esecuzione dei brani della selezione. (Max 15’)

Dichiaro di aver letto e di accettare i termini e le condizioni di partecipazione.
Autorizzo il trattamento dei miei dati personali ai sensi del decreto legislativo N°196/2003 sulla tutela della privacy.