How can I book a single room in the university residences of Università di Salerno?
At the time of registration, tick the item “Accommodation” in the form. Once filled and sent the form, we will manage the reservation as indicated, you do not need to do any further steps. If you need anything you can indicate in the field “notes” at the end of the form. The price for the single room is 20 € per night.
How can I pay the room?
You have to pay to Azienda Cascina Srl, responsible for university residences. You have to pay in cash upon the arrival. The management of Falaut Campus cannot take actions on this rule because it does not manage the residences, we only take charge of reservations not to create unpleasant inconveniences.
What are equipments of the room?
The rooms have private bathroom inside, small kitchenette, fridge and timed air conditioning (it works when the door and the windows are closed, there are sensors which avoid dispersion). Inside the room, you find clean bed linen and a set of towels, it is possible to ask for a change of linen for a few Euros. The rooms do not have a hairdryer.
Are there double rooms or it is possible to set up a double room inside the campus?
The university residences have single rooms only, except for some triple rooms which can be booked in case of necessity (families with children or other needs) at info@falaut.it. It is not possible to add or subtract beds from single or triple rooms, the rooms are homologated to be inhabited by 1 or 3 people.
Who to contact for night emergencies?
For all types of emergency you can ask to reception of the residences, active 24h on 24h at 0039 089 963117. This number has to be used only for emergencies and not as telephone exchange!
When has the frequency fee be paid?
The frequency fee has to be paid upon the arrival at Falaut Campus secretary in cash or credit card (no bancomat). The fee can be also paid by bank transfer, postal transfer or with postal account before the start of Falaut Campus, in this case please send a copy of the transfer to info@falaut.it or hand over the paper receipt upon the arrival at the secretary.
What do the subscription and frequency fee include?
The subscription and frequency fee include the participation in Falaut Campus and in all the activities written on the billboard (masterclass, seminars, concerts, etc.). It does not include room and board.
Is it possible to be listened to other teachers present at the Campus?
Yes, it is possible to be listened to other teachers if you arrange an appointment, subject to availability of the teacher. Moreover it is possible to attend to the lesson of all teachers.
How can I book at the public masterclass?
You do not need to book, the teacher will decide according to the repertoire.
Is it possible to sign up in a course as auditor?
From this year it is not possible to sign up as auditor but only as effective student.
How to get to the University from Salerno station?
During the week (from Monday to Friday) it is possible to use public transport, using buses number 7 – 17 – 27. If you arrive on Sunday or leave on Saturday the organisation will provide shuttle service at cost of 5€ each way. Shuttle schedules will be communicated within 20th July 2019
Are there restaurant agreements with Falaut Campus?
Yes, the agreements with restaurants near Università di Salerno will be stipulated.
Is it possible to buy meal ticket before?
No, it is not possible. They will be available at the secretary of Falaut Campus. The agreements will be provided a few days before the start of Falaut Campus because the facilities are committed to agreements with the University. The average cost of each meal of the last editions was 8€ (first course+main course+fruit+water).
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